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Asmus Tietchens

Geboren, Um Zu Dienen

Label: Discos Esplendor Geometrico

Format: Vinyl LP

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Released in 1986, Geboren stuns in the same way early Esplendor tracks do, with blasts of chugging, caterwauling noise sounding straight from the factory floor.  Tietchens’ most monotonously rhythmic work to date, it lacks the esoteric primitivism of earlier records or just severely limits the spaces in between, emphasizing speed in a defiant and less calculating way.  Here is the artist realizing that his own devotion to excavated and mechanized sound, nourished by insular years of homespun synth modification and cyborg cocktail hour, is, for many others, a politicized vision, a voice of dissent and celebration. 
Cat. number: EG 003
Year: 1986