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Glödhet Rytmisk Svärta - excerpt 1
Glödhet Rytmisk Svärta - excerpt 2
Glödhet Rytmisk Svärta - excerpt 3

Erik Hammarström

Glödhet Rytmisk Svärta (LP)

Label: AMS

Format: LP

Genre: Psych

In stock

Glödhet Rytmisk Svärta is an extremely intricate and dynamic rhythmic texture, the result of years of study, evolution and practice of the musical instrument, combined with chamber music scores that make Erik Hammarström's work seem much easier than it actually is. Jazz-rock, avant-garde and classical music merge here in a sonic brew that, for attitude and originality, recalls the most courageous experiments released by the ECM label. A modern symphony, constantly vibrant and tense, which could perfectly fit also as a soundtrack for a film with a 'Hitchcockian' flavour.
The album consists of two long suites, both divided into different movements: a 34-minute title-track, and the shortest 15-minute Iskallt Mörkt Vatten, in which Erik plays all the percussion and electric bass, accompanied by bows, brass, clarinet, flute, celesta, harp and bassoon. An incredible and uneasy experience even for the most daring 'prog connoisseurs', destined to leave a mark!
Cat. number: AMS149LP
Year: 2019

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