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Fred Frith


Label: ReR Megacorp

Format: CD

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Former Henry Cow guitarist Fred Frith pays homage to three giants of contemporary classical music: John Cage, Morton Feldman and Earle Brown. In his own inimitable fashion, Frith has tried to incorporate the chosen composer's own working methods into each of the three pieces that make up The Previous Evening. As he explains in the enclosed booklet regarding his John Cage homage: 'Fragments of text heard in Part 1 were taken at random from Cage's book Silence. Tape editing, the structure of the events, and dynamic markings in this section were also determined using chance methods."

Performed by: Christian Kaya (clarinets), Claudio Puntin (clarinets), Heike Liss (perc.), Bernd Settelmeyer (perc.), Bernd Weber (voice) and Frith (voice & all other instruments and manipulations)

Cat. number: ReR/FRO 01
Year: 2001
Genre: Jazz

Tracks 1 to 6 recorded August 1979 at Norrgarden Nyvla, Uppsala and Sunrise Studios, Kirchberg. Tracks 7 to 13 recorded November 1979 at Catch-a-Buzz Studio, Rockville and January 1980 at Sunrise Studios, Kirchberg. Mastered May 2001 at Headless Buddha Mastering Lab, Oakland. Originally released 1980.