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Here Come Success - excerpt 1
Here Come Success - excerpt 2
Here Come Success - excerpt 3

Band Of Susans

Here Comes Success (LP)

Label: Replica Nova

Format: LP

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Though their prior records were all respectable, Band of Susans saved a knockout punch for their swan song, Here Comes Success. A solid collection of lengthy guitar workouts, it's not the best record to get a quick fix from (the nine tracks average seven minutes in length). Success certainly demands close attention, but that's easy to give, thanks to its thick hypnotics. Hell Bent is the Susans' absolute zenith, an entrancing ice-jolt that unfolds and coils in superb dynamic fashion. When bassist Susan Stenger drops to a one-note bassline, it speaks just as loud as a lengthy lead solo. Pardon My French features some Stonesy riffing and some dead-on societal commentary from Robert Poss: "The voice of god is Charlton Heston/He's told the FBI they should have me arrested/Bullets will fly but he'll never get the message/That people with guns can never be trusted." At 64 minutes, Success might test one's attention, but it's the Susans at their catchiest and most exciting." - All Music

Cat. number: RPCN001
Year: 2019