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Best of 2020
Hijokaidan - Tapes (excerpt 1)
Hijokaidan - Tapes (excerpt 2)
Hijokaidan - Tapes (excerpt 3)
Best of 2020


Hijohkaidan Tapes (LP)

Label: Fantastique Records

Format: LP

Genre: Noise

Out of stock

**500 copies only, remastered & the first vinyl reissue EVER of this legendary Japanoise LP. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl. ** Hijokaidan’s “Hijohkaidan Tapes” came out in 1986 on Jojo Hiroshige’s Alchemy Records and is not only a historical collection of material, but also pays homage to their predecessors. The cover art and title are pulled from Krautrock legends Faust’s 1973 collage classic “The Faust Tapes” and the b-side includes a cover of Hawkwind’s “Silver Machine”,  which of course aligns with the bands original intention, “to play songs in the style of Hawkwind.” “Hijohkaidan Tapes” includes original tracks previously released on cassette, dating back to their incarnation in 1979, with the LP being a retrospective of tracks from 1979 – 1986 (mostly on the early end of ’79 / ’80 or of the then current time of ’85/’86) You get many different group sounds and dynamics. From the horror onslaught of “The Beyond” and ” Salem’s Lot”, featuring The Stalin’s Shintaroh Sugiyama joining the classic line-up of Jojo, T. Mikawa, and Junko (as well as additional vocalist Yuka) to the first LP appearance of the Incapacitants, with Mikawa joined by Hanatarash / Boredoms mastermind Yamatsuka Eye on drums.  “Salem’s Lot” may be the stand out track here with creepy phased to hell organ and electronics, constant feedback piercing through, and blood curdling screams straight from the depths below. As a sort of career retrospective, it makes sense to include the opening track “Angel Dust”, the first ever recording from Hijokaidan, with a performance so high in volume and destruction that they were immediately banned from using the studio again.  One of the best features of this album is the fantastic notes filling out the cover featuring an extensive Discography that evens Discogs can’t touch as well as a track by track rundown to keep you enticed while Hijokaidan destroys your brain!

The LP reissue on Fantastique includes recreated original LP & label artwork, a photograph postcard of Hijokaidan & Hijohkaidan Tapes sticker.

Cat. number: FRLP-1201
Year: 2020

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