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BISKAIDAN , Hijokaidan

BiS Kaidan Last Gig @ WWW


Format: 2xCD

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In May 2014, the group held their final concert as BiS Kaidan before disbanding, much as BiS themselves will disband in July. Notably, their final show began with the group performing "nerve", their representative song, thirteen times in a row.

Biskaidan is a cross-generational coup de pop, uniting two acts from opposing ends of Japan's musical spectrum. BiS (short for Brand-New Idol Society) are representatives of Japan's 'idol' scene, a culture of singerdancer-celebs who define the country's pop mainstream. Hijokaidan led by guitarist Jojo Hiroshige and screaming witch Junko) is an infamous art-noise improv troupe dating back to the late '70s, famous for stage antics both familiar (squalls of feedback, guitar throwing) and less familiar pissing onstage and rolling around in the puddles).

Cat. number: ARCD-224/225
Year: 2014
Genre: Noise