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Jojo Hiroshige

2 Hours Live - Fortune of Twelve

Label: Alchemy Records

Format: CD

Genre: Noise

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Jojo Hiroshige - known and feared throughout the world not only as a member of the legendary ‘‘Hijokaidan,’’ often referred as ‘‘King of Noise,’’ but also as the owner of the prestigious label “Alchemy Records,” which has released countless “Japanoise” masterpieces.

"Words are different to sounds in that the images they create are limited. They’re like a two-edged sword – sometimes they can be used effectively, but sometimes they restrict the range of the images employed. When I was young I read Wittengenstein’s “Philosophical Investigations” and that led me to start thinking about the importance of pinning down thought through the medium of language. Escaping into sound because of your own inarticulacy with language, and using sound to express what cannot be expressed in words are two sides of the same equation." – Jojo Hiroshige 

Cat. number: ARCD-249/250
Year: 2017