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Il reste la douleur - Excerpt 1
Il reste la douleur - Excerpt 2
Il reste la douleur - Excerpt 3
Il reste la douleur - Excerpt 4

Geoffrey Lolli

Il reste la douleur (LP)

Label: Replica

Format: LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

In stock


** Edition of 300 ** Geoffrey Lolli is the epitome of the underground French library music scene. From his early days in the hardcore scene to his most celebrated Italian trilogy, his tapes full of Eno-esque experiments and his addiction to reggae, the musician never stopped exploring new grounds and mythologies with talent and discretion. Having lived with the infamous Gregory case from the very beginning, his new record is not looking for answers but dares to put raw emotions into music, with a particular attention focused on details and titles. You don’t have to know everything about the case to dive into the music, you just let yourself go with the flow of groovy melancholy and electronic ideas. Graced with a very emotional cover, Il Reste la Douleur can be considered a modern library masterpiece.

Cat. number: SPCFC057
Year: 2021

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