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Ryoko Akama, Bruno Duplant


Label: Notice Recordings

Format: TAPE

Genre: Experimental

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Although living in separate European countries, Akama (electronics) and Duplant (organ, electronics) have forged a strong musical bond on a handful of collaborative releases, often with titles related to nothingness, which, in turn, mirrors the minimal, contemplative drone pieces contained therein. As its own titling suggests, immobilité (“immobility”) extends their musical concerns, and distills them in an extraordinarily rich way. More textural than event-based, these pieces are exquisitely paced to complement their roomy, crackling palette. Starting from two points—Duplant’s minimal score and his own parts—Akama reaches for more synthetic sounds than she has in the past. Duplant has resisted being labeled as a Wandelweiser composer. There is an element here that’s more personal to this duo, even down to the ticking of a clock. immobilité is a purposeful new statement from two artists who enthusiastically acknowledge their musical kinship.


Cat. number: Notice #36
Year: 2016

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