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Roberto Masotti

Jazz Area

Label: Seipersei

Format: BOOK

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Deluxe edition on sirio black 140gr, silver and black printing, 166 pages.  Throughout the heady years of Italy’s 1970s and ’80s avant-garde and jazz music scenes, Roberto Masotti was on hand to observe and photograph some of the most significant bands, musicians and concerts of the twentieth century. Serving as staff photographer for Gong magazine, as well as Ecm and Cramps labels since 1973, Masotti photographed such musicians as John Cage, Morton Feldman, Sun Ra, Arvo Pärt, Julius Eastman, Area, Franco Battiato, Alvin Lucier, Nico, Miles Davis, Sam Rivers, Archie Sheep, Steve Lacy, Keith Jarrett, Gato Barbieri, Cecil Taylor, Han Bennink, Don Cherry, Art Ensemble of Chicago. In Jazz Area, Masotti  opens up his archives for the first time, revealing across 160 pages a trove of previously unpublished black-and-white photographs–portraits, snapshots, sketches, contact sheets–of some of the most recognizable faces in outer music. Influential for several generations of budding photographers raised on his photographs, the work of Roberto Masotti is at last collected in this revelatory volume.

Cat. number: --
Year: 2019
Genre: Jazz