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Kyoto Oct 21 2018 - excerpt

Kaoru Sato, Merzbow

Kyoto Oct 21 2018 (LP)

Label: WRWTFWW Records

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

First collaboration ever between noise legend Merzbow and visionary/provocateur Kaoru Sato of R.N.A. Organism (Vanity Records). Edition of 300. Side A: live recording of Merzbow and Kaoru Sato’s first live collaboration ever. Recorded October 21st 2018 at Metro club in Kyoto for a three-label showcase with avant-garde imprints Slowdown, Phonon and Kyoh Records.  Side B: Solo sessions by each artist that took place after the joint performance on the same night. Edited and mixed in their respective studios.
Cat. number: SDRSW-60 LP
Year: 2019

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