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Jumble Massive (excerpt)
File under: Outsider Art

People Like Us

Lassie House / Jumble Massive

Label: Caciocavallo

Format: CD

Genre: Sound Art

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This CD compiles two long out of print, obscure vinyls by People Like Us. Almost all (maybe all) were recorded as commisions for Dutch radio. People Like Us plunders her way through the wastelands of vinyl nobody buys, collages them into mostly strange, and at times funny pieces of music. Unlike other plunderphonics, People Like Us keep the voice/spoken word segments to a minimum, which I most hearthly welcome. Extensive spoken words are usually hilarious, but after repeated listening don't hold up. People Like Us use them as a supplementary part of music. There is an amount of easy listening stuff which may be dated now (the records come from 1995 and 1996 respectively), but it bears still the skills People Like Us have. Witty, to the point collages, a DJ that holds attention beyond the club setting, so one that indeed deserved to be re-issued.

File under: Outsider Art
Cat. number: CAD 9
Year: 2000