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Francois De Roubaix, Bernard Maître

Le Labyrinthe Des Onix

Label: WéMé Records

Format: 12"

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

Out of stock

In 1972 Francois de Roubaix and Bernard Maitre composed together the music of a TV series for children presented by puppets, called the Onix. The musical oddity here released by WeMe Records is a part of this OST. This piece of music demonstrates once again that Francois de Roubaix was in touch with all kinds of music of his time, including contemporary music. In this experimental track we can feel the influences of the composer Pierre Henry, an other explorer of unknown sounds. On the B side Jodey Kendrick makes his own interpretation of this music with current tech and sounds while keeping the atmosphere and fantasy of the original sound.

"Frighteningly good musique concrète composition from 1972, originally made to score a kid’s puppet show, now backed with a superb, faithful remix by Jodey Kendrick.  Either François De Roubaix & Bernard Maître didn’t like kids, or they didn’t want to patronise them, but either way, they’re probably responsible for some deep rooted psychological conditions in any kids who crossed the path of Le Labyrinthe Des Onix. Sounding equally sh*t-the-bed scary on the recommended 45rpm, or 33rpm for extended night terrors, the original renders a sidelong tract of cold dungeon tones and shadowy, acousmatic clangour with supernatural levels of billowing drone dynamic and cavernous reverb.

We’re not quite sure what Kendrick is doing on the remix, but it sounds a touch broader and subtly reorganised with a spectral sleight-of-hand that’s got our eyes rolling in the back of our skull to find where the f**k that owl is coming from or whether those strings are actually about to garrotte us." kat

Cat. number: weme035
Year: 2016

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