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Life out of time

Label: Rotorelief

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Experimental

In stock


LP album, numbered and stamped vinyl limited edition of 215 copies. Ilitch is a french artist out of the ordinary making music directly coming out of his states of mind, not taking only one path: it can be dark and merry, difficult or bouncy, satisfying different audiences. He consistently associates his music to imagery and tells stories, with wide influences: Philip Glass, quality popular music, contemporary music, Pink Floyd... Ilitch is part of the artists considered as influential in the french panorama and beyond. This new vinyl LP called 'Life out of time' is the selective combination of the two previous CD albums 'Lena's life and other stories' and 'Hors temps', rearranged and reorganised to create a surprising faceted album: minimal synth pop, punchy rock, unusual popular music, in a unique way...

Cat. number: Rotor 0017
Year: 2009

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