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Les Rallizes Denudes

Live 1972


Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

Second Rallizes bootleg on this label, the most "overground" of all Rallizes' affiliated labels. "Legit" or "authorized" material from this mythical group is seen about as frequently as Loch Ness himself. There are only 2 words printed anywhere on this CD (besides the group's name): "live" and "1972". Say no more. "Live material from 1972. This band was a major inspiration to groups like High Rise, Kousokuya, Acid Mothers Temple and Keiji Haino. The absolute peak of Japanese psychedelia." Official description: "Early hand-held audience recordings (dig those tape flips!) from 1972. Frequently compared in sound and spirit to the Velvets and The Dead, for this slogged-out set 'Hawkwind' may be more appropiate. Play it loud enough and you'll think you are there, holding the mic..."
Cat. number: 002
Year: 2007

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