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Mandarine - Excerpt 1
Mandarine - Excerpt 2
File under: Progressive

Ex Vitae

Mandarine (LP)

Label: Replica

Format: LP

Genre: Psych

In stock


More than an obscure curiosity, Ex Vitae played its part pretty well during the heydays of the 70’s French underground music scene. Led by René-Marc Bini & Jean-Marc Philippe, the band mastered its own way of delivering fusion jazz where eclectism and forward thinking were perfectly blended into an insanely precise groove. Their unique album was self -released in 1978 and has been feverishly sought-after ever since. Let Replica grace you with a piece of crazy music done the French way with this original first time reissue!

File under: Progressive
Cat. number: RPC044
Year: 2021

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