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karlheinz stockhausen

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karlheinz stockhausen  - Mantra

karlheinz stockhausen


€ 14.50 € 13.00

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GENRE: Compositional Form | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. NA 025 CD | YEAR. (1990)

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1986 recording of this infamous piece (originally premiered in 1970), performed by Yvar Mikhashoff (piano) and Ole Orsted (electronics). Each of the sections comprises a microcosm from a different perspective. 'Mantra' is such a piece in that each of of its parts reflects itself, backwards, as in a mirror, standing on its head, elongated, compressed, twisted. It is super-redundant, pervasive, just like a bottle of Coke, that instead of a beverage produces the famous concept of 'Coca-Cola'... it is played once quite openly, and then as a kind of prayer, time and again in all its ratios of pitches, durations and tempos by the pianists. Indeed, it is a quasi-meditative, exotic, beautiful late- and post-serial music.

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