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Giovanni Lami

Mema Verma

Label: Kohlhaas

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

In stock


[mema verma] is the final step of a study about an indian shruti box G (low) tuned, mostly used without emitting any note (as in the first two tracks,  sampling and processing the breaths, whistles and noise produced by the reeds. The third track, is the only one in which the shruti is played in a more standard way, as well as its sound was recorded through a set of very old mid-range speakers, later sampled and processed.
A split into three tracks but the whole project is sort of a metamorphosis of the same idea, where the sound is, step by step/track by track, more rarefied, losing that concrete feeling in the beginning and turning into a drone in the last track.

The project is titled "mema verma" and every track title is related to Indian language in a sort of "grammelot", since these words don't exist in Hindi, Bengali or other territorial languages except for the first one [kīṭa gīta], which means "the insect's song" in Hindi; this reflects the same relationship which intercurs between the artist and the medium, so different from the traditional use of this instrument in its own country.

Cat. number: KHS 002
Year: 2014

Limted to 300 copies

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