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Monster Movie - Live At Burg Nörvenich, 25th July 1969 (LP)

Label: DBQP

Format: LP

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Recorded live in July 1969 during the same sessions that gave birth to their classic debut album Monster Movie. The album contains rawer versions of classics tracks such as Yoo Doo Right and Outside My Door. This was Can at the very beginning of their career, before they would become widely known as one of the 70's Krautrock most iconic bands. A full catalogue of minimal grooves and extended song forms that would influence generations to come. Holger Czukay - bass, Jacki Liebezeit - drums, Michael Karoli -guitar, Irmin Schmidt - organ and Malcolm Mooney vocals.
Cat. number: DBQP 24
Year: 2019
Genre: Psych
File under: Kraut