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Vladislav Delay


Label: Huume Recordings

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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Originally released on Chain Reaction as in the year 2000, this cult album now finds its re-release on Huume Recordings. Multila brought together Vladislav Delay's vinyl releases for Berlin's Chain Reaction label, focusing on the dense, murky gritswirls and ghost voice traces that underlie this subtle artist's other works. The release was a landmark for the artist, as it was his favorite record label in the world that picked up his material, and if it was good enough for Chain Reaction it was good for anybody and everything. The original album was mastered by Moritz von Oswald/Basic Channel and the same exact audio is kept for the re-release. The re-release carries new artwork done by a long-time collaborator Kaisa Kemikoski, person behind most of the Huume Recordings artwork.
Cat. number: HUUME 009
Year: 2007

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