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mysticae - excerpt

Ennio Morricone


Label: Cometa

Format: CD

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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"Mysticae" contains the Original TV Soundtrack composed by Ennio Morricone for the RAI series, "L'uomo e la magia". "Mysticae" was  also the first LP published by Cometa. Movie director Sergio Giordana  started to work for RAI (Italian State TV) in 1963, and since then he showed his talents for  investigation documentaries. In 1972 he proposed and carried out for RAI a mini series titled  "L'uomo e la magia". Having the opportunity to develop the series in eight  episodes, and that joint to the fact of the great interest of the general public for the topic it was  very challenging for Giordana. Since ever the Magic and Superstition influence human behavior  is something extremely interesting and fascinating at the same time, and it always had the  power to capture the mind and heart of mankind. Cometa Edizioni Musicali was in charge of  editing the music soundtrack of this TV series. Ivana Mattei, who after more than 40 years is still  the owner and CEO of Cometa Edizioni Musicali, recalls to mind: The soundtrack composed by Ennio Morricone was recorded in the Forum Studio in Rome, where the brilliant Sergio Marcotulli was the sound engineer. Needless to say, "L'uomo e la magia" series and its soundtrack had a great success, and won director Sergio Giordani the international award Ondas. It was a real and proper magic...

Cat. number: CMT 10013
Year: 2010

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