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Italian Experimental Progressive

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Armando Piazza

Naus + Suan

Label: Btf - VM

Format: CD

Genre: Psych

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"Suan" and "Naus", respectively published in 1972 and 1973, are the only two LP ever recorded by Neapolitan singer Armando Piazza; both see the participation of a very special guest, the American folk musician Shawn Phillips. Printed in limited quantities at the time on label B.B.B. (Beautiful Black Butterfly) and scarcely distributed, they went unnoticed for decades until a few years ago, when the recent interest in a certain type of music has lifted up the original editions prices, transforming "Suan" and "Naus" in two cult LP's, subject to spasmodic interest among collectors.

It's a shame that there had not been a consistent response for these two releases at the time, since they constitute a beautiful example of psychedelic acid folk, semi-acoustic or electric, with at times, an ethnic flavor that's perhaps inspired by Aktuala and Third Ear Band. The mood of the songs, sung in English, is mostly relaxed and dreamy; the second LP tracks show a clear maturity than its predecessor, and is therefore a pity they weren't followed by a third discographic chapter.

This papersleeve CD edition contains both full Armando Piazza's albums, pulling out of the earky '70s Italian pop cauldron an unfortunately forgotten songwriter, forced to pay with anonymity his artistic courage.

Cat. number: GDRCD1105
Year: 2016

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