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Nigths and Profecy - excerpt 1
Nigths and Profecy - excerpt 2
Nigths and Profecy - excerpt 3
Nigths and Profecy - excerpt 4

Fossil Aerosol Mining Project , 400 Lonely Things

Nigths and Profecy (tape)

Label: Helen Scarsdale Agency

Format: Tape

Genre: Experimental

In stock


**Edition of 200** Zombies lurk throughout the post-industrial abstractions and radiantly murky collages of Nigths and Profecy - an 80 minute split release from Fossil Aerosol Mining Project and 400 Lonely Things.

Fossil Aerosol has a long history with zombies. Or perhaps more specifically, with the contexts that fostered zombies during the 1970s and 1980s. Of particular interest was the imagined, and then realized, ruins of contemporary society - often populated with artificial corpses. One of the earliest artifacts to be employed in the Fossil Aerosol recordings was a segment of a 35mm Italian zombie film trailer, found on the floor of an abandoned drive-in theater projection booth in 1986.

Subsequently, if you enjoyed the dawn of the dead, an limited edition CD-R recorded in 2005, featured heavily processed segments from the classic George Romero trilogy of zombie films (Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead). That album fell out of distribution, but in 2008, the topic of synthesized corpses was revisited with The First 15 Minutes of the Second Sequel (2008), which was composed (mostly) of processed fragments from the first 15 minutes of the second unauthorized Italian sequel to Dawn of the Dead. Exploring the layers of fake-corpse fake-sequels.

Meanwhile, 400 Lonely Things released their album Tonight of the Living Dead in 2008. That project was composed entirely of loops and samples from the first modern zombie film, Romero’s aforementioned Night of the Living Dead. For obvious reasons, Fossil Aerosol and 400 Lonely Things eventually met up. After a number of years, a collaboration ensued. Revisiting the theme of The First 15 Minutes, the same obscure Italian film was mined for new material by both bands. Digging deeper into 40-year dislocated artificial decay, and processing them through a wide range of new digital degenerators, the result was Nigths and Profecy.

The history of excavated fake corpses is complicated one. Recommended for fans of the hauntological electronics of Zoviet France, The Caretaker, and even the sublime retrograde ambience from Boards of Canada. And yes, the misspelling in the title is very intentional. Mastered by Grant Richardson (Gnawed).

Cat. number: HMS 056
Year: 2020

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