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Odes and Meditations for Cecil Taylor - excerpt 1
Odes and Meditations for Cecil Taylor - excerpt 2
Odes and Meditations for Cecil Taylor - excerpt 3
Odes and Meditations for Cecil Taylor - excerpt 4
Odes and Meditations for Cecil Taylor - excerpt 5

Barry Guy

Odes and Meditations for Cecil Taylor (5 CD Box)

Label: Not Two Records

Format: 5CD Box

Genre: Jazz

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The new Barry Guy 5 CD set of The Blue Shroud Band in Small Formations is the most exciting release of the new year - called “Intensegrity” (previous 4 CD box was called “Tensegrity” from 2014, I think. The new box is also described as “Odes & Meditations for Cecil Taylor”. the DKV box is recorded live from November 2017 at concerts in France, Poland & Czech Replublic and then in late December 2017 at a show @ Sugar Maple in Milwaukee and then 2 homecoming shows @ Elastic Arts in Chicago. I’m so fired up about this one as I’ve been waiting to hear the trio with a foil for Ken Vandermark and I think Joe McPhee is playing at as creative a level as anyone on the planet these days. Looks like we have a few different new members of the Barry Guy band including Percy Pursglove (no Peter Evans this time) & Jurg Wickihalder. Another exciting aspect is that we get the full band on disc 5 with what is called the “Ode & Meditations to Cecil Taylor”. This could be a composed Guy piece. Discs 1 through 4 recorded live @ Alchemia in Kraków, Poland (11/27-29, 2016) and Disc 5 recorded 11/30/2016 @ Radio Kraków.

What strikes about these performances is the ability of the musicians, to work with each other, adapt to the musical environment and deliver their own voices in a spirit of elevated joy and discovery.

Blue Shroud Band: Barry Guy, Savina Yannatou, Ben Dwyer, Agustí Fernández, Maya Homburger, Fanny Paccoud, Percy Pursglove, Torben Snekkestad, Michael Niesemann, Per Texas Johansson, Julius Gabriel, Michel Godard, Lucas Niggli, Ramón López

Cat. number: MW 980-2
Year: 2019

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