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fuck buttons

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fuck buttons - Olympians
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fuck buttons


€ 13.00 € 6.50

GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: | CATALOG N. atpsp010lp | YEAR. (2010)

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‘Experimental’ bands are never going to please everyone; a lot of them seem almost uninterested in being anything but show-offs and twats, and there’s occasionally no attempt to make a connection twixt music and listener. All we get is: ‘marvel at my amazing button-pushing skills.’ And then, suddenly and horrifically, you turn into your dad: ‘that’s not music, that’s noise!’ Despite the post-watershed name, Fuck Buttons have always been a more subtle and meditative addition to the experimental camp. 'Olympians', on one hand, is a pleasing and stable drone that cascades determinedly out of the stereo via the pretty bleeps and buzzes that have become part of the band’s charming array of noises. On the other hand, it’s an inspiring epic; at nearly eleven minutes long, it frequently works itself into crescendos and bursts of awe-inspiring delight. On the surface, 'Olympians' may seem like it doesn’t really go to many new and exciting places, at least as far as electronica goes. However, at its core is a delicately minimalist take on the genre (and one that doesn’t necessarily have to work its way into an awful, early 2000s chill-out album). Unguarded in its vulnerability, Olympians is refreshingly easy to absorb, and unlikely to make you break out the pipe and slippers for a while yet.

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New single from Fuck Buttons, available on 12" vinyl (pressed on a limited run of five different colored vinyls-- one for each Olympic ring) and digital download. Features remixes from Spiritualized's J. Spaceman and Suicide's Alan Vega. 3D hidden-image sleeve designed by the band.

A1 Olympians
B1 Olympians (Spaceman vs. the Olympians Remix)
B2 Rough Steez (White Hot Heat Remix)