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best of 2015

Aksak Maboul

Onze Danses Pour Combattre La Migraine

Label: Crammed Discs

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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Milestone reissue!!! By popular demand, here's the vinyl reissue of the seminal album, recorded in 1977 by Aksak Maboul, comprised of  Crammed founder Marc Hollander with Congotronics producer Vincent Kenis, and originally released on Marc Moulin's ephemeral Kamikaze label. Deluxe vinyl re-issue with 1977 original cover, full colour inside folder with extensive texts, downlaod card with bonus tracks. A hugely cherished record around these parts, not least for the strangely prescient 'Saure Gurke' - whose bubbling electronic chords and drum machines uncannily pre-dated Detroit techno by 10 years - 'Onze Danses Pour Combattre La Migraine' remains an outstanding and charming oddity by almost anyone's standards.

Now for the first time since 1981 it's available on vinyl again, replete with a 2-page track-by-track breakdown in the liner notes. The album plays out a pre-digital phantasia of ideas, allowing Hollander and Vincent Kenis to simultaneously coin and explore odd new dimensions, vacillating piquant electronic and electro-acoustic arabesques with passages of minimalist, Eastern-influenced free jazz, nursery rhymes and ersatz percussive rituals..  Marc Hollander: organ, piano, percussion, saxes, clarinets, drum machine; Vincent Kenis: accordion, guitars & bass guitar, piano, percussion, percussion & guitar. With guest appearances by Catherine Jauniaux, Paolo Radoni, Lucy Grauman & Ilona Chale, Chris Joris, Frank Wuyts, Michel Berckmans & Denis Van Hecke, Marc Moulin. Produced by Marc Moulin, Vincent Kenis & Marc Hollander. Mixing engineer: Dan Lacksman.

Originally released in 1977 on Kamikaze Disks. Re-released on Crammed Discs in 1981 (vinyl) and 2003 (CD).

Cat. number: CRAM011LP
Year: 2015

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