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Atrax Morgue

Paranoia - Expanded (Black 2LP)


** Black Edition of 200. 20th Anniversary Edition. For the first time re-released on 2xLP **  This was the first full-length album released by OEC by the Italian prophet of Murderous & Pain Electronics in 2000 as a CD. For the 20th anniversary of that album we are proud to go for the re-release into vinyl format of such a masterpiece. A slow death with great sorrow... Psychopathic ready to kill voice, self-abusing electronic sounds mixed to dangerous feed-backs & noises. An isolationist and disgusting soundtrack for disturbed maniacs suffering of multiple personality disorder. Here you are finally introduced to the little sister of Mr. Atrax Morgue : Miss Atrax Morgue & all his maniac pleasures, plastic sex & bestial babies... Maniac cover with a touch of 60’s psychedelia. To the original recordings we added as bonus on 4th LP side 4 additional tracks from 2 long time sold out singles out on Self Abuse and Bloodlust!

Cat. number: OELP 031
Year: 2021

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