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people like us - ergo phizmiz

Perpetuum Mobile
€ 14.00
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people like us - ergo phizmiz - Perpetuum Mobile

people like us - ergo phizmiz

Perpetuum Mobile

€ 14.00

LABEL: Soleilmoon
GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: CD digipack deluxe | CATALOG N. SOL 156CD | YEAR. (2007)

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estocked, reduced price: Perpetuum Mobile is the result of a uniquely schizophrenic 'open source' compositional process: the UK's finest collage composers (collage-posers?) Ergo Phizmiz and People Like Us (aka Vicki Bennett) uploaded files to a shared server, downloaded and processed each other's work, and flung the resulting fragments back at each other. The result is an interpenetrating audio-collage so intricate that neither party can recall who did what to whom. So far, so avant-garde; but what makes this record different is that Ergo and Vicki then wrote and sang their own vocals on top of their Frankenstein creation. Here you will find slyly absurdist lyrics replete with monkeys, carousels, trousers, apple trees, tinkling bells, dogs, sausages, whiskey, and cannibalism. No matter how fraught with trauma, these ballads and ditties are sung with a straight face and mixed front and center, and the results feel like 1930s British music hall standards from an alternate universe: half Ivor Cutler, half George Formby. The astonishing thing is that for all this jiggery-pokery, Perpetuum Mobile makes for an exhilarating, remarkably fresh pop album. It works.

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Comes in hard special folded paper package. All printing in deep red ink.
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