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Jooklo Duo

Live In Itri

Label: Qbico

Format: Vinyl 10”

Genre: Experimental

In stock


This time around our little shipment contained a hat-trick of vinyls from the Neokarma Jooklo camp in various configurations and I think this is my hat-trick of reviews for the collective? We've got Peaceful Messages by Neokarma Jooklo Experience, Memories From the Age of the Dragon by Neokarma Jooklo Trio and the super limited expensive art edition job Live in Itri by Jooklo Duo, which is what we'll be having a wee look at today. It's an energetic one, documenting a live date full of trouser flapping high intensity drum 'n' sax improv which could strip paint (in a good way). The Brotzmann style reed assault particularly needs to be heard to be believed, with all kinds of crazy, strangulated tones flying out into the cosmos while the drums keep pace admirably. It's pretty cool to hear these guys stripped of the tropical fusion feel of the larger groups, cutting loose in the most in-your-face style possible. It's quite fancily presented too as you'd (have every right to) expect, all plastic sheets and splattery coloured vinyl and that. 99 copies only


Cat. number: Qbico Kappa
Year: 2009

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