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Hartmut Geerken, Michael Ranta

The Heliopolar egg 1976

Label: Qbico


Genre: Experimental

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This is one of the ultralimited edition of 26 copies (numbered from A to Z) with a different artsy cover, with one piece of Wayne Jacob (Michael Ranta's alter ego) original painting, and on back Hartmut Geerken original Lomographies; hand-colored, stamped and signed. It comes with ORIGINAL flyers/booklets, as well as a full LP, NOT one-sided as the regular edition...Again, truly monumental last ever Qbico release is a feast of exotic instruments, skilful playing and spirituality. No less than six LP's, recorded in various places and various countries, with special guest Toshi Ichiyanagi on synthesizer

Cat. number: QBICO 101SP
Year: 2010

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