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best of 2015
best of 2015

Michael Ranta

Yuen Shan

Label: Metaphon

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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CD edition. Mindblowing!!! A gorgeously dreamlike album, suspended in a timeless, spiritually resonant space ... Yuen Shan (Round Mountain in Chinese) was conceived in 1972 and finalized in 2014. It’s a musical cosmogony in four cycles based on different levels of ancient Asian spiritual principles and mechanisms. A major work in Ranta's oeuvre (his first solo release in almost 25 years), highly personal and spiritual. 16 track composition for pre-recorded sounds and live percussion performed by Michael Ranta (entirely different work from the Yuen Shan CD released in 2005). All material previously unreleased.

...All returns to the origin, to the silence, to the void. This is the way of nature. All things arise and disappear. One observes their eternal recurrence...

Cat. number: Metaphon 006CD
Year: 2015

LTD 500 / CD in gatefold cardboard wallet with 12 page booklet

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