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Mu - excerpt 1
Mu - excerpt 2
Mu - excerpt 3
Mu - excerpt 4

Conny Plank, Michael Ranta, Mike Lewis

Mu (2CD Box)

Label: Metaphon

Format: 2CD Box

Genre: Electronic

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** 500 copies, 2019 stock** Previously unreleased studio material from 1970 recorded a few months after the legendary Wired session. Hardboard linen CD box contains 2 CDs and a 28 page booklet with biography, text and notes (in Dutch, German and English) from Michael Ranta.
The only time this ensemble got together before was for the singular and legendary Wired session recorded in 1970 and published on the Deutsche Grammophon box set Free Improvisation in 1974. The Wired session also included Karl-Heinz Böttner while this release of Mu just has the trio of Ranta, Mike Lewis and Conny Plank. Mu got recorded a few months after the Wired session, in Plank’s studio, but got never released strangely enough. Yet it’s a true hidden treasure of marvellous minimal psychedelic improvisations with an oriental touch controlled and mixed by ’Diabolis in Musica’ Conny Plank. Although the intense recording session ended early in the morning the mixdown was still done straight afterwards of which this is the direct result for Mu1, Mu2, and Mu4. For Mu3 Michael Ranta added live percussion to the original tape mix and dedicated it to Mike Lewis. Due to circumstances and moving to different continents they never had the chance to meet again.

Michael Ranta: percussion, guitars and prepared thundersheet
Mike Lewis: keyboards, wind instruments and percussion
Conny Plank: live electronics, sound control, recording supervision, mix

"What a stunning surprise discovery of this obscure ensemble with Michael Ranta, Mike Lewis and krautrock master Conny Plank. As on the legendary ’Wired’ LP on the ’Free Improvisation’ box set (Deutsche Grammophon 1974) they created an amazing free form abstraction, a floating resonant and timeless music, similar in many ways to the early experiments of Tangerine Dream but in a world of its own, in all their twisted exotic and melancholy beauty… To be filed under classic krautrock, a masterpiece!" - Steven Stapleton

Cat. number: Metaphon 003
Year: 2010

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