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Label: Qbico

Format: Vinyl LPx6

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

LAST COPY with the additional LP Kluster and friends- 1969-1973 6LP - + 1 sided lp -  (black vinyls/black labels/black inner sleeves) box, spray painted (stencil/lettering by Troglosound) in gold or silver or bronze (3 versions) and with clear plastic insert (rare photos). A massive Kluster UNRELEASED MUSIC!
from Qbico's words... "when i mailed the news about the closure of qbico in 2010, some friends and musicians wrote me back... one was Conrad Schnitzler wondering if i wanna close with THE BOMB ! i said "yes, why not !?". so Con sent me 6 CD-R of UNRELEASED Kluster music, rec. in 1969-73 (along with Klaus Freudigmann and Wolfgang Seidel) ! he said to choose yr favourite 40 (+/-) from the 1 hour lenght of each CD-R, so to adjust to vinyl format... well, that's was one of the most joyful experience of my life ! this 6LP box collect that music which it's simply some of the most outstanding and revolutionary music that i ever heard !!! One of the most legendary release on Qbico ?! YES (screaming)!"

More about Kluster:

Kluster was never over. There is KLUSTER until today. If we friends met, we didn't think about, under which name we met. It is the style of the music which comes out. No other group made such music. This is Kluster-music,it is a style. It is an invention of Konrad Schnitzler 1969 Schnitzler/Freudigmann/Seidel & Friends, was before Achim Roedelius came to the band and after.
I founded  the music group Kluster after my  exit 1969 from the group GERÄUSCHE  (Zodiak with A.Roedelius and Boris Schak). Between 1969 to 1972 I worked with different friends, with Tangerine Dreams among others. With them I tried to perform the music of my imagination. Finally Klaus Freudigmann and Wolfgang Seidel remained at the work continuously over the years. In addition there were several actions with A.Roedelius and D.Möbius where the LPs KLUSTER Klopfzeichen,Osterei and Eruption were  made. Instruments, amplifier and effects I gave D. Moebius because he had had no own equipment. I didn't want the music to remind of the normal. My criterias were not folk music, not rock music, not pop songs and not dance music. The idea for "Cluster" later "Kluster"(I wanted to avoid Americanisms) is not only a name for a group but a form of music. I had amplifier, instruments, contact mikes and effects, that could used by the others, too. Klaus had tape machines and microphones. In addition he constructed instruments and electronical sound generators, which made the most undescribable sounds. Wolfgang had everything connected with drum and base and in addition amplifier and effects.
Klaus had rooms where we could work out our music performances. The tapes "Electric Meditation" with TD were made in one of those spaces. Most of the performances happened with friends who took part in the actions; therefore Conrad, Klaus,Wolfgang and friends. For special activities we used the name ERUPTION.
The idea was to make sounds without melodies, sounds comparing to industrial noises. I had different friends with me to play. No money was to be earned with this music. No fame, to attain with it. By the way I'm not a musician; I'm an intermedial artist and composer. With the different Kluster groups we did some live concerts.
'Eruption' (Ausbruch) is the title of the LP. Of that I had produced an edition of 100 LPs. Later the Gallery Block had made another edition of 100 LPS of it for the 'Block Box' with a label without Moebius' and Roedelius' names though.
Later in 1996 Joe (Marginal Talent) produced a CD of it. I The group `Kluster- was a conglomerate of total different players and artists over several years. But all those years Klaus Freudigmann was involved sometimes as player, or as sound engineer or even as inventor of instruments. It was him, who taped the last Kluster Concert. Therefore he was named equally to the others on the label. After and previously off the splitting from R+M. I still did a lot of activities with the group Kluster there was Kluster befor and after Achim Roedelius+Dieter Moebius It was not popular music Kluster did. Not many people were interested. Therefore, No photos of Kluster, or posters, or tickets, or newspaper cuttings, or anything related left. It is about 35 years ago.
Cat. number: qbico94
Year: 2009
6 x LPbox (black vinyls/black labels/black inner sleeves) box, spray painted- 250 copies only