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Jooklo Duo, Lao Dan

啫啫银河 Ze Ze The Milky Way (Tape)

Label: Old Heaven Books

Format: Tape

Genre: Jazz

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" Here we have the tasty combination of two blog favorites, finding China-native Lao Dan joining forces with the visiting Jooklo Duo for a set of cosmic vibrations (and a little bit of free funk) at Old Heaven Books during 2018's LOFT Festival. Here Vanzan takes up his usual percussion duties while Lao Dan and Genta load up on various reeds and flutes which Genta supplements with a generous sidecar of vintage keyboard. This rowdy little number has a little bit of everything and once the trio gets cooking it's truly potent stuff.  The first track Dragon Tongue begins with shifty percussion and warped keyboard before gradually morphing into a spacious and surprisingly gentle bamboo flute duet b/w Genta and Lao Dan. And if you haven't heard Lao Dan play the bamboo flute you're missing out my friend.

On Bamboo Secret the listener is treated to more light percussion, psych keyboards, melodica, and bamboo flute in a similar low key vein. On the aptly titled Drunk Funk the trio throw a wrench in the ambient mood they had been setting and lay down a strange 4/4 funk groove for Lao Dan to shred alto over, but the next track Dalla Cina Con Furore is where it's at. After a slow wind-up Genta and Lao Dan work themselves into a frenzy of reed squall. Once Vanzan starts in you can hear the whoops from the crowd indicating that this is what they came for.

And the trio delivers, twisting out explosive knots of intense dialogue and feeding off each other's energy on what is surely the set's centerpiece. The last track Tofu Blues winds the set back to ground with Lao Dan on the suona, playing tight strings of notes over hovering keyboards and accent percussion. A great, unexpected set of intriguing music from a trio I hope to hear more from. " Freejazzblog

Old Heaven Books presents 啫啫银河 Ze Ze The Milky Way by Jooklo Duo and Lao Dan. Recorded live on October 12th, 2018 at Old Heaven Books. 8th OCT-LOFT Jazz Festival. 笛子 Flutes/ 中音萨克斯 Alto sax/唢呐 Suona: 老丹 Lao Dan. 键盘 Keyboard/ 笛子 Flutes/调音笛 Pitch pipe/ 次中音萨克斯 Tenor sax: Virginia Genta. Drums/打击乐 Percussion: David Vanzan. 录音 Recording:罗绿野 Luo Lvye. 母带制作 Mastering: 刘英 Liu Ying. 制作 Produce: 涂飞 Tu Fei. 封面木刻 Woodcut: 刘庆元 Liu Qingyuan. 摄影 Photography: 陈鸿 Chen Hong @DAFA. 封面设计 Design: 陈铁梅 Chen Tiemei.

Cat. number: OH 028
Year: 2021
啫啫银河   Jooklo Duo & 老丹   OH 028 磁带   关于这张专辑:   在银河里滋滋作响   远道而来、风尘仆仆的两位意大利音乐家Virginia Genta和David Vanzan,在书店遇见中国音乐家老丹,一番简短的寒暄和自我介绍之后,三人愉快地决定在书店即兴演奏一场。   Virginia看到角落里摆放着一台合成器,就径直走过去开始弹奏起来,老丹和David随即也非常自然地加入了……   小心地试探,勇敢地表达,自由爵士和民族音乐相互包裹与纠缠着,渐渐弥散出令人不安且充满悬念的神秘主义气息,时空仿佛凝固在令人感动的六十年代——三个年轻人在东方的河边第一次相遇,用音乐代替词语彼此交谈,波光粼粼的河面倾听并传递着他们的话语,缓缓流向远方。   但最终谁也没有停留在这种迷幻而怀旧的光晕里,而是用疯狂的乐句在破坏与重建之中激烈地撞击。当人们的意识跟随着那些声音渐行高远的时候,却浑然不知自己已经置身于更为深刻广阔的现代主义维度之中。   而广东美食“啫啫煲”,则在另一个时空里暗合了这种气质——且不说它的美味及“啫一切”的精神,仅是那滋滋的声音,便足以让任何一位挑剔的食客放弃抵抗,开始幻想了。   文:阿飞   笛子 Flutes/ 中音萨克斯 Alto sax/唢呐 Suona: 老丹 Lao Dan   键盘 Keyboard/ 笛子 Flutes/调音笛 Pitch pipe/ 次中音萨克斯 Tenor sax: Virginia Genta   鼓 Drums/打击乐 Percussion: David Vanzan   录制于第八届OCT-LOFT国际爵士音乐节旧天堂书店即兴现场,2018年10月12日   Recorded live on October 12th, 2018 at Old Heaven Books   8th OCT-LOFT Jazz Festival   录音 Recording:罗绿野 Luo Lvye   母带制作 Mastering: 刘英 Liu Ying   制作 Produce: 涂飞 Tu Fei   封面木刻 Woodcut: 刘庆元 Liu Qingyuan   摄影 Photography: 陈鸿 Chen Hong @DAFA   封面设计 Design: 陈铁梅 Chen Tiemei   旧天堂书店 Old Heaven Books, 2021