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Luc Ferrari

Presque Rien Avec Luc Ferrari

Label: Elica

Format: DVD

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

RESTOCKED The first DVD release on Elica is a beautiful 50-minute portrait of composer Luc Ferrari made by his friend Jacqueline Caux with Olivier Pascal, which is fully informative and acutely representative of Ferrari's spirit. Featuring Elise Caron, as Luc Ferrari and herself, and Luc Ferrari, as himself only, going through archive documentation, intriguing dialogues, invented autobiographies, music performances, evocative installations, sidewalk accidents, encounters with sound-sculptor Christof Schläger and electro musician eRikm, etc. Documenting the work of one of the most groundbreaking and seductive composers of the 20th century, this film also shows Luc Ferrari's 'extremely libertarian personality: his spontaneity, his inclination towards hedonism and sensuality, his curious and open character, his rejection of all kind of power and of all stable position within institutions, his pronounced taste for games, his sense of self-derision and his ferocious refusal of all dogmatism.' Jacqueline Caux is a writer, film-maker and organizer of live events, who is the author of the essential interview book with Luc Ferrari (same title as the film) as well as books on Anna Halprin and Louise Bourgeois. Original French version with English subtitles; NTSC region-free DVD in large format digipak cover with notes in French and English by Jacqueline Caux
Cat. number: ELICA 4290DVD
Year: 2009

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