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Luc Ferrari

Les Grandes Répétitions

Label: Mode

Format: DVD

Genre: Sound Art

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Two films, part of a series made for French television in the mid 1960s, of concert rehearsals. In the earlier film it’s Stockhausen’s Momente that’s being rehearsed (with long sections of performance) interspersed with KS speaking about himself and his work and the thinking behind his work. Just buy it. It’s completely exceptional, in every way. Stockhausen himself is both eloquent and profound, and speaks as he composes, with thought behind every word. His intensity at work, which is gripping, is offset by his charm, when interviewed by an unseen woman who asks difficult questions, or when addressing the camera. The music is extraordinary, and seeing Stockhausen direct, conduct and comment give a rare insight into what is often presented as dry and soul-less. The second film is a tribute to Edgard Varese, made in 1966, soon after his death, based around rehearsals with Bruno Maderna of Ionisation and Deserts, with interview material contributed by Marcel Duchamp, Pierre Schaeffer, Olivier Messiaen, Iannis Xenakis, Andre Jolivet, Hermann Scherchen, Fernand Oullette. I hour, 45 minutes, mono.

Cat. number: mode 276 dvd
Year: 2015

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