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Ensemble Economique


Label: Not Not Fun Records

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

An all-out stunner from Brian Pyles aka California's Starving Weirdos, joining in on NNF's current soundtrack-y agenda with an incredible solo album. 'Psychical' is about as heavy as they come, for synthesized dreams of dark African dread and blood curdling ambience, at least. The whole album plays through like a movie itself, tracks blending into one another like scenes to effectively toy with your senses of fear and what-the-f**k comes next... doom laden drones blacken the horizon to all the peripheries creating a tense atmosphere for panned hand-drums, incantations of "Blood and Marijuana", unheimlich poetics and even a cameo from Tom Carter ov Charalambides, shredding the acid red skies with guitar on 'Real Things'. We fear we might be giving too much away and spoiling the fun at this point so we'll just say this is one of the darkest and most affecting sides of schlock horror we heard all year. Limited copies only, and featuring occult VHS artwork by Manda Beth Brown.

Cat. number: NNF206
Year: 2007

Edition of 350

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