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Christian Marclay

Replay Marclay


Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Sound Art

Out of stock

extremely limited LP by the artist/turntable god Christian Marclay’s ‘Guitar Drag’. The piece was originally a video, shown in 2000 at London’s Hayward Gallery, following an electric guitar lashed to the back of a pick-up truck in dusty San Antonio, Texas. The guitar was dragged by the truck for 15 minutes and the sound recorded, which resulted in otherworldly rumblings, hissing, buzzing and crunching – even the odd chord strangely enough, and of course, the soundtrack quickly achieved cult status in sound-art circles. So finally, six years later we have an ultra high quality clear vinyl cut of the acclaimed piece, strangely reminiscent of the earthlier edges of Doom metal and thick riffage - I can imagine playing this next to Sunn o)))’s early work or Earth’s ‘Extra Capsular Distraction’ and nobody batting an eyelid. Marclay’s piece is heavy and affecting in all the right ways, and what’s more the concept is just great. Buy it now before it disappears for ever.
Cat. number: Guitar Drag
Year: 2006


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