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    My Cat Is An Alien


    Label: Ikuisuus

    Format: Vinyl LP

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    "2 psyched-out sides from the collaboration between mighty Aliens and Norways own answer to Hall & Oates - Bjerga/Iversen. These sides are boiled down from about 2+ hours worth of material recorded last summer in the stunning alpine village of Luserna San Giovanni, just outside of Torino, Italy.
    Space electronics, weightless freestyle strings, buzzing voices from the outer heliospheres and garbled and warped messages from the great beyond handed down on recycled trashcan tapes.... celestial harmonies from a neon universe...
    There was a double-exposed rainbow over the foot of the Western Alps this evening in late June, and you can hear the colors seeping through the cracks...
    Both My Cat Is An Alien and Bjerga/Iversen have extensive discographies and both units have collaborated a lot with others, as this is an important part of our musical universes. So we were all happy to work on these recordings together in a full-blown extensive and focused session.... The recordings are edited by MCIAA.

    Edition of 268 copies in ultra-cool neon-colored silkscreened jackets, 5 different varieties."

    Cat. number: iku-025/GS#98
    Year: 2010
    Genre: Electronic