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Saga of the Outlaws - excerpt 1
Saga of the Outlaws - excerpt 2
Saga of the Outlaws - excerpt 3

Charles Tyler

Saga of the Outlaws

Label: Nessa Records

Format: CD

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Alto and baritone saxophonist Charles Tyler was an early associate of Albert Ayler and recorded with him for ESP in the middle 1960s. Tyler also recorded 2 dates for ESP under his own name. Saga of the Outlaws was recorded "live" at Sam Rivers' Studio Rivbea in 1976 and is generally considered to be his finest recording. The band includes Earl Cross - trumpet, Ronnie Boykins - bass, John Ore - bass and Steve Reid - drums. Charles moved to Europe in the middle '80s and died of cancer in 1992.

Cat. number: NCD-16
Year: 2019
Genre: Jazz
File under: free improvisation