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Steve Roden

Schindler house


Format: CD

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This cd documents a series of 3 sound installations originally presented at the Schindler house / MAK center for art and architecture Los Angeles in 2001. Garden was placed near the back of the lot facing the house in a bamboo grove via 8 small speakers. A quiet flexible background for a harmonious life was placed in a small hallway of the house on headphones. Pathway was placed along the front path to the house on 4 larger speakers. The outdoor works were set to relatively low volume levels for listeners to discover. The indoor work was set on headphones so that it would not disturb the natural sound space of the house. I spent an evening in the house making field recordings which i used as the main sources for the compositions. I also used my own voice, flowerpots from Richard Neutra's studio, and bamboo field recordings from Japan and France.
Cat. number: npibmak 01
Year: 2001
Genre: Electronic
printed folder with 3 color postcards and cd in printed sleeve.