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Schoene Aussicht

Label: Staubgold

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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"armchair traveller was founded in berlin in 1999 by hella von ploetz (glassharp), silvia ocougne (prepared and traditional guitars), werner durand (self-made wind instruments) and sebastian hilken (percussion and cello). their pieces, structured improvisations, are based on the music of different continents, new music and minimal music combining the special tuning of the instruments with unusual sounds." (label info) "armchair traveller plays it inside out, twists facts, thus finally bringing forth perhaps the real, the authentic, the ethnic music of our time. it is real, because everything about it is unreal; it is authentic, since it has just been totally invented. but it sounds archaic because it has been created by musicians who have developed specific playing techniques, mostly on their own, for handmade instruments built from everyday materials and for conventional instruments they have specially prepared. it is ethnic because chance providentially brought these musicians together at the same time in a big city like berlin - metropolitan centers have become homelands for quasi-ethnic groups. the individual pieces, imaginally located on various meridians of the globe, sound like tribal music that somehow is simultaneously experimental and (post-)industrial." (matthias osterwold)
Year: 2010

Edition of 300 copies. Recorded and Mixed between 2004-2008.
Final mix at studio Les Gilles, Berlin in january 2010.
Mastered at Scape, Berlin in march 2010.
Made in the EU.

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