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Gabi Losoncy

Security Besides Love

Label: Recital

Format: LP

Out of stock

Security Besides Love is the first vinyl album from Philadelphian artist Gabi Losoncy, who was one-half of the now-defunct Kye related Good Area. This album is an account of the artist’s life. The first side voyeuristically and objectively documents Gabi’s external experiences and habitats; in this instance, a conversation heard while riding public transportation. The second side of this record turns back in on the artist herself with an associative monologue, in which an understanding of her own artwork is examined. It is fair and honest and walks through the whole house leaving windows open. There is a small piece of film which separates, seemingly, Gabi’s daily life and her artwork. It is quite inspiring. Understanding this can instill the same mysterious allure into your own trials and leisures.



Cat. number: Recital 28
Year: 2017

Limited Edition of 300. Comes with artist’s bumper sticker.