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Toshiya Tsunoda



Format: CD x 2

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Field recordings by Toshiya Tsunoda in Sugaruya and Hakkeibara, Miura Peninsula, Kanagawa prefecture in 2010-2015. Mastered by Makoto Oshira. Includes liner notes by Toshiya Tsunoda in Japanese and English (English translation by Yuko Zama). Toshiya Tsunoda (Kanagawa, 1964) is a sound creator known for works of field recording and collage. For 15 years, the Yokohama based artist has been releasing remarkable acoustic works into a world that he seems to hear like no one else. His CDs are the most idiosyncratic and rigorous to be found among the many field recording releases of recent years, though his work is just as easy to place in the sound art frame. Tsunoda has a background in visual art (he studied oil painting at university) and the idea of landscape permeates his practice. However, his pieces always raise questions about the perceptual process, the ways in which particular vibrational phenomena contour the subjective experience of time and space.



“The most important thing for my field work is the possibility of describing the experience of landscape,” he reports. “I want to know how to fix the experience of landscape. It’s a different method to using photography to fix it. We can see the outline of objects clearly in photographs. But when recording, things are not so clear and it is difficult to distinguish what vibrations travel in the place. It’s like a moving sculpture. I find many possibilities to connect with perception and recognition. So I cannot focus only on the aspect of sound or music in my field recordings. Even if it is not popular as an artwork, I am always pursuing fixing the scenery in my recording work.”

Cat. number: e.05
Year: 2016
Genre: Electronic