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    Toshiya Tsunoda

    O kokos tis anixis (Grains of spring)

    Label: EDITION. T

    Format: CDx2

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    The ancient Greek philosophers thought that the world is constituted of a series of grains of space and time. When I walked around Miura Peninsula in the springtime, I felt the same way - the quality of the space and the time seemed to be formed by a series of grains of sounds. Each place has its own unique character. You could label it as a particular quality of the place. The quality of the sound.'-'This is one of my trials to present a 'subject' as a piece of work - which can be called field recordings - that contains the accidentalness. We cannot manipulate the accidentalness. The only way for us to relate to the events is to closely observe what is happening there.' 300 press CD.
    Cat. number: e.04 CD
    Year: 2013
    Genre: Electronic