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    Toshiya Tsunoda

    The Temple Recording

    Label: EDITION. T

    Format: CDx2

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    I am currently making recordings like this: I go to a certain place and choose an object Ð mainly it is a landscape, which is interesting to me. I fix a stethoscope with a small built-in air mike onto my temples. The position of the air microphone can be set anywhere near the ears, but I feel that our temples are the best and only place for that. The stethoscope captures vibrations of my muscles and blood flows. Because of the nature of the air microphone, environmental noises are recorded, too. If the wind blows, some wind sounds will be recorded when it passes over my head.Recently I set a stethoscope onto another person's temples, too, and the two of us stood side by side and did a recording focusing on the landscape. This work contains an aspect of a strange experiment of stereophonic sound. What was recorded in this recording ?ÊThis recording reveals the experiences of the landscape shared by two different persons. An evidence of our real experiences of the landscape. We gave a shape to the landscape with our experiences.ÊWith 3 photo cards with concept note. 300 press CD.
    Cat. number: e.03 CD
    Year: 2013
    Genre: Electronic