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Luke Fowler, Toshiya Tsunoda

Familial Readings


Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

There is no CD sleeve... only disc in the ordinary jewel case. Limited edition of 300 copies. “Luke Fowler is an experimental filmmaker. His work is a kind of anti-documental work. We are working together, recently. He asked his family and close friend by telephone. He says “Just read a paragraph that you reading book right now.” He collects 8 readings. Luke and I made an installation together in Yokohama. We used 16mm film with no sound. I recorded the blank soundtrack of it. (you can hear at the beginning and at the end). These are the materials of the work and I made a very simple composition with a lot of silence. Materials are poor sounds. But we can hear subtle textures of each speaking voices… such as room resonance, breath, speed of reading… Textures of recording and blank soundtrack told us, beauty of “recording”. Fix a transience moment in our life and its existence.” Toshiya Tsunoda.
Cat. number: e.02
Year: 2009