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Songs of Love and Revolution - excerpt 1
Songs of Love and Revolution - excerpt 2
Songs of Love and Revolution - excerpt 3
Songs of Love and Revolution - excerpt 4

Nocturnal Emissions

Songs of Love and Revolution (LP)

Label: Mannequin Records

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

In stock

"Songs of Love and Revolution" was a big step forward for Nocturnal Emissions, having a full colour cover and turning their sound further towards electronic pop music. Classics such as "No Sacrifice" and "Never Give Up" have made this an essential album for every fan of electronic music. 

As Nigel Ayers reminds, they were buying lots of equipment at the time and seemed to have naturally acquired some skill over the years so they thought, ‘Let’s make some pop music.' He continues: "The Miners’ Strike was on and there were riots down our street in Brixton. I was convinced there was going to be a revolution. But it would probably have been quite unpleasant. All these old punks and hippies preaching revolution, I don’t think we were really prepared to live with the consequences. If we actually had a revolution in this country, it would be like Iraq or something, or Syria. But we were having horrible times with Thatcher. All we could do in that sort of milieu was imagine what the alternative would be like."
Cat. number: MNQ131
Year: 2019

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