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telefonobalafono - herbal research

€ 5.00
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telefonobalafono - herbal research  - split

telefonobalafono - herbal research


€ 5.00

GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: TAPE | CATALOG N. UDR05 | YEAR. (2011)

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I've first heard TELEFONO BALAFONO a few years ago on a (now)preistoric myspace website and i almost fell from my chair.  A raw and plastic collection of music compositions recorded on a "broken 4 track cassette recorder" as stated by the artist that mixes unknown  keyboards and drum machines with a no wave twist that for the time of the recordings was already predicting the economical-ethical crisis we're living in the now.  Each fragment doesn't exceed the 3 minutes of lenght creating  short audio-visual voyages that continously send back to the italian cinematic and tv imagery.

On the other side HERBAL RESEARCH is the moniker for italian

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limited to 50 copies

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