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Label: KRAAK

Format: Vinyl LP

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Improvising drone-rockers Bad Statistics hail from Wellington, New Zealand, hurling Nordic doom, kraut rock and feral skronk into an industrial blender, and delivering a noisy, prolonged earful of lethargic experimental nonsense. Vocalist and saxophonist Thebis Mutante sounds like Mark E. Smith with stomach ache on 'If I Were A Pint Of Milk', groaning and whinging his way through a moribund death rattle of a song, seeing out a twenty-one minute duration that feels approximately four times as long as it actually is. Next comes the marginally more urgent 'Dunkelziffer', coated in noise and texture, and filled with intriguing sonic detail, punctuating the raw distortion blasts with yet more surreal utterances from Mr. Mutante. Very strange indeed.
Cat. number: KED03
Year: 2007